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These scarfs are amazing! I love the pattern printed on them and not only is the button and loop SUPER cute, but it is so functional! My scarves ALWAYS are coming untied and this is the perfect solution. You could take this idea and just run with it. Using hardware and a black scarf for a more minamalist chic look or a gilded or bejeweled button with a more flowey fifties style scarf (or maybe cashmere) for a more glam or retro style.

(via Poketo! Linen Button Scarf)

Kate and me in Paris

Kate and me in Paris


I am so lucky to have such a creative and inspiring sister. I may well still be wearing Polos and light wash flared jeans like in middle school if I had not had her to look up to. She is one of my most influential fashion inspirations. This is a picture of us together in Paris.


This ear decoration intrigues me, but then there is a large part of me that is reminded by “gutter punks” when I look at it.


Maybe if it were in a slightly different style I would like it. It looks easy enough to make. It seems like a good solution if you want to be a little edgier one night without making any permanent changes. 

But I still can’t get Ke$ha out of my head when I look at this one… ew.