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My favorite color for this fall is a deep royal blue. It looks good with so many things. And the individual pieces will remain classic over the years, as opposed to some other trends like neon. I love the idea of dressing almost completely in this gorgeous deep hue and adding one statement piece in a contrasting color like burnt orange, white or, my personal favorite, gold. Blue and gold are an age old combination and I plan on bringing them back this season!




YES!I think these metallic Dr. Martens are the perfect way to pull of the metallic trend without looking like a middle school girl who got a little too experimental with glitter. With some rolled up dark wash skinny jeans and a striped sweater with a poofy scarf, they would be understated and cool. Just remember to keep the rest of the outfit relatively neutral so that you don’t distract from the subtle coolness these add. Also, remember! It’s ok to clash metallics as long as you do it with intention!

Here is how I would do it:

classic and edgy at the same time.

Out to brunch outfit!

I found this scarf at an awesome thrift store downtown and the tiger cub boy scout neckerchief holder was a present from a friend.

We stopped at work to say "hi" and make a coffee. This is my boss Toby. He pretty much looks like that all the time.

Pourin' over.

Getting 6 free bagels for my birthday at the famous Zingerman's Delicatessen. We also tasted some Jamón Ibérico. YUM.

It was my birthday on the 23rd, so I took a day to hang out and eat a lot of good food and do nothing. My boyfriend took me to brunch at the very fancy Café Zola, then we made a pour over at my café, then went to Zingerman’s Delicatessen to try some EXTREMELY fancy ($15 per oz.) cured ham and get six free bagels, then we had Zola left overs for lunch, then finally my parents took us out to Grange for dinner. Shew! I think I must have gained like ten pounds that day. Oh, well.

Since then, I have been in overdrive trying to get all of my stuff organized and together and bought for my new apartment. This week I have orientation for the architecture school and i’m moving in. It’s gonna be hectic.

Anyways, I just wanted to share the outfit I wore to brunch because it is a wonderful example of one of the most talked about trends for fall, which is the mixing and overlapping of different patterns and textures taken to the extreme. Hope you guys take advantage of this! It should make dressing this season really fun and liberating! There are very few wrong ways to do it! So now is your chance to go nuts!

Tiffin Lunch Box Set, Steel - Design Within Reach

I realize this is not part of my usual subject matter, but lately I have been obsessed with lunch boxes. I am anticipating spending a lot of time on north campus this year and frankly, the north campus food options are SERIOUSLY lacking. I think the healthiest thing they have in the store there is a vitamin water and across the street there is basically only a Panda Express. The Tiffin Lunch Box from Design Within Reach is the perfect solution. It is elegant and classy and doesn’t look like I should be fighting over a Snack Pack when I eat out of it. It’s also on sale right now! Design Within Reach can get a little expensive, but this is actually pretty competitive with some of the other metal lunch boxes I have been looking at when you consider the fact that this is actually way bigger than those and you get three of them.

Way to go, Design Within Reach! You have finally made something that is within reach for my budget!

The delicate string strap juxtaposes with the heavyset bag in a complimentary way.

Fringe adds texture to an otherwise simple hobo bag.

I am so lucky to have such an awesome sister. I’ve said it before, I say it now and I’ll say it again. She got me this gorgeous Stuart Weitzman fringed hobo bag for my 20th birthday. It’s the perfect contrasting bag for fall. The upcoming season is all about contrasting light with dark and the use of different textures. This is perfect!

Thanks so much, Kate!

How do you lose a raft in a small, enclosed lake? Sounds like someone stole it.

Pretty vintage dresses at thrift store!

Mary and Kate in the thrift shop.

An interesting scarf from the last Big Royal Wedding! Good find, Mary!

A gorgeous coffee kettle. I wanted it. So bad. They classified it as mid century modern, but it looked really art deco to me. Can anyone set me straight?

Picnic with Kate and Mary in the band shell.

We went exploring and found some old busted down building. Perfect spot for a future photoshoot?

A giant oven. There were at least three of these. No wonder the place looked like it had burned down.