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Fashion designer Hussein Chalayan dressed as a waiter to serve drinks to his models as they stepped on the runway. I love this. To me it is akin to Wes Anderson putting himself in all of his movies as minor characters. Not to mention Hussein Chalayan’s clothing is some of the most beautifully designed and well cut clothing I have run into.


Here is a nice little blurb from London Fashion Week that tells a little about his brand and clothes if any of you are interested.

You should all also check out his website. His clothes are so architectural and intentional. He is easily one of my new favorites.



Late night projects at the studio can sometimes be very hectic. Last night I was scrambling around to help me find something to line a mold for resin with because my first pour ended up sticking to the wood. I looked in the first aid box for latex gloves, but instead came across an emergency blanket. It worked like a charm and we had some fun making shiny outfits with it.


Studio “Cool Runnings” for the win!


We are going to be doing some cement casting in my studio. I may have some side projects to make since I’ll have the concrete anyways.. Just a preview of what might be to come. (granted I have time..)


The blurred part is a secret that only my studio knows about. Can’t let there be any leaks!

My friend Ruth Marks told me about this beautiful collection done by a french clothing line called Heimstone. I love their use of color and texture. The way that they cut their clothes is beautiful; it is cozy and loose fitting without looking frumpy or messy. This particular collection is apparently inspired by elves. I am impressed with any brand who can take a mythical creature and make them classy and beautiful. It totally helps that I am currently obsessed with the idea of black skinny cut leather pants. I tried some on at Gap the other day and they were amazing, but they didn’t have my size and I can’t seem to find them online. What’s a girl to do?

P.S. Don’t you just love the posing of the model?

Shirt or dress? Or both?!

Navy and white polka dotted midi skirt!

Today while I was waiting to meet my friend for dinner, I had a spare ten minutes, so I ducked into the little vintage shop upstairs from where we were eating. I managed to find a slouchy shirt/dress type thing with a very beautiful pattern, a polka dot midi skirt (Both polka dots and midi skirts are in right now! Double score!), and some gorgeous high heeled oxfords. All for under thirty bucks! Thank goodness my friend forgot her wallet and had to run home!

The store is actually pretty famous and has been featured in some pretty prominent places. It is called The Vintage Twin and is located on South University in Ann Arbor, MI.




So Cute!

I just ordered this Elephant Daypack from It is so adorable! I am so glad my friend Kate Friedman told me about I have already ordered four things from them, including a one year subscription to Dwell for only $12! I would highly suggest that people sign up for an account. They always have amazing stuff and it is usually pretty affordable. As for my Ele-ys, they are the perfect solution for a fall back pack. They are both the hip color for fall and a pattern, which is really big right now. Can’t wait until it comes!