Monthly Archives: October 2011

Earlier this morning, my sister texted me saying that her outfit today was 88% composed from pieces she got from the thrift shop my mom volunteers for. Of course, I had to see this. Items from the Ann Arbor Thrift Shop are plentiful in my family. They are usually pretty awesome. So I made Kate send me pictures. Her outfit is beyond adorable. One of the best I’ve ever seen on her!

The sweater and chambray shirt are J.Crew, the skirt is Pendleton, the orange wrap watch is La Mer. I can’t speak to the rest of it, but it’s all super cute! Nice arm party, Kate!

I am also super digging her make up. By lining only the top lid of her eyes, she looks bright and fresh and ready for work. The pale red lips make her look professional, friendly and alert.


I know that fashion is all about being experimental and playing with new forms and styles, but to me the new trend of wearing pajamas out into the world is terrible. The pants shown here would be fine paired with a red cotton tank or something like that, but the shirt just really gets to me. It just all seems so sloppy. I feel as if were I to go out in public wearing pajamas, even if they were fancy, I would fall asleep, and would start slouching and curling up. This woman does an extraordinary job of still looking alert and put together while wearing pajamas. Nevertheless, this is one fall trend I could do without.

I love the rich colors in these wedges by Diane Von Furstenberg. The contrast of the grained wood and the smooth leather is very striking, and the wine red pops of color brings the shoe out of the slightly hackneyed area of the standard Michael Kors-esque camel colored leather and wood wedges. They are made even more awesome by the fact that they are called the “Olivia Wedge”.


Yesterday, the full line of Versace for H&M went live on the website. Here are my top ten favorites:
Hopefully this will be as successful, but less of a debacle than the Missoni for Target collection. There has been a lot of press around it, but it doesn’t seem to be garnering as much of a reaction. So hopefully that means I will be able to get some of the things I’ve been eyeing instead of having to buy them on Ebay. I am also really excited about this because looking at the way these clothes are cut, it seems like a lot of them will work really well with my body type. (i.e. narrow, short torso and very wide hips) I absolutely LOVE the use of metal crimps on the colar or that shirt and also the pleats of the skirt. It’s subtle, but flashy.

Bags for my mom

Modalú leather handbag, $149Zara leather handbag, $169, Foley Corinna leather shoulder bag, $198, Brady Bags leather messenger bag, $105, H M leather shoulder bag, $30, Tote bag, $246, Zara leather handbag, $169, MICHAEL Michael Kors michael kors handbag, $248, Jpk paris handbag, $198, Zara leather handbag, $149, “Noise” – Henrik Vibskov Noise Shopping Bag, $163, Zara leather handbag, $109


My mom has been searching for a new purse for a while now, so I thought I would help her out by picking what I think she should carry. Sometimes it helps, when looking for something tricky like an everyday purse, to have someone else tell you what they think you need because there may be something else out there you would have never considered. My personal favorite for her is the Foley + Corrina tote featured on the top right. it’s large enough to carry all of her “mom stuff” while also having a pocket for her cell phone and being exceedingly cute! I tried to include a lot of leather because I think it really suits her. It is both classy and casual and it is durable, which is really important for her because she is always on the go. I included a lot of neutrals because she tends to stick to that, when it comes to handbags, but I also decided to plop in a couple bright colors, jewel tones and patterns because it would be really awesome to see her branch out! I think all of these would be perfect options for her, and even if she doesn’t pick one of these, hopefully it helps her figure out what she DOES want.