The Art of Packing by Louis Vuitton

This is an amazing promotional idea from Louis Vuitton.

For those of you who don’t know, Louis Vuitton was started because all of the people who were buying couture garments needed a clean, smart, and luxurious way to store them and travel with them. It wasn’t motivated by design in the traditional fashion sense, but instead by the need for a packing product that could stand up to the needs of the burgeoning couture industry.

This video that illustrates a new section of the Louis Vuitton website keeps that spirit alive as they inform us of the best ways to store and travel with garments.

1 comment
  1. CTGB said:

    This is not only cute and *so vaihry fhreinsh*, but also soothing to my OCD. so for those reasons, thank you LV and OVT.

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