What a lovely day for some pool time.

We took an old camera into the pool to see what would happen. We got some pretty sweet looking shots. These aren’t even the HALF of it.


This is an amazing promotional idea from Louis Vuitton.

For those of you who don’t know, Louis Vuitton was started because all of the people who were buying couture garments needed a clean, smart, and luxurious way to store them and travel with them. It wasn’t motivated by design in the traditional fashion sense, but instead by the need for a packing product that could stand up to the needs of the burgeoning couture industry.

This video that illustrates a new section of the Louis Vuitton website keeps that spirit alive as they inform us of the best ways to store and travel with garments.

For the Grand Bazar at  LaForet in the Harajuku district in Tokyo this year, they are making costumes out of paper:

I love the intense colors and the detailed patterning. This is truly impressive and is a good merging point between fashion and the model building aspect of architecture.

Here is the stop motion commercial which has been airing all over Japan promoting the show.

laforet grand bazar from steve nakamura on Vimeo.



You guys might remember when I posted a while back about the Zara Waxed Trousers that I wanted to badly before they got sold out!


Well, Because I’m Addicted has posted a tutorial for how to wax any regular old pants! This i the answer for all of my problems… sort of.


Anyways, as you can see, it seems really easy to do!

1. Spread the otter wax all over the jeans

2. Heat it up with a blow dryer while adding, and spreading around the wax as needed to patch thin parts to make a water proof seal

3. Allow the pants to hang in a cool, dry place for 24 hours to let the wax set.


Then you are good to go! I already ordered my Otter Wax. (super cheap on amazon!) Anyone want to do it with me? We can have a waxing date!

It’s been a little over six months since I started I Love having an outlet for all of my ideas and favorite things. It’s been really amazing to see how many people are so supportive and interested in what I have to say! Thanks to all of my readers and I hope you keep on coming back!

I’ve decided to start being a little more dedicated to my blog and really working to make it the best that it can be! My first step is to see what you guys like! Here is a little poll to see what is working and what is boring. Please let me know! Also feel free to fill in an other option if you think there is something that you think is missing or that you think would work well with the vibe of my blog!

I am also really trying to grow right now and become more available to a larger audience. It would be really awesome if you guys could spread the word, either through facebook or word of mouth. It would be really awesome to start getting some more readers who aren’t just my friends and family!

Thanks again to all of you! It has been so awesome to work on this and I hope it can continue to grow!

xo SO