The other day, I woke up after looking at pictures on tumblr all night and was inspired to dress a little grunge. This is my casual, I-don’t-want-to-look-like-too-much-of-a-tumblr-whore, attempt at being a little grunge without being overwhelmingly so.




Photos: Alexander Moss


Tomboy released a series of ads featuring Chloë Sevigny. This seems to mean that Chloé will be collaborating with them to style their Spring/Summer 2012 line. I am super excited about this.

I think Chloë is extremely talented and she is one of my favorite style icons.

I first fell in love with her in Big Love, but wasn’t enamored with her fashion sense until I saw this video, where she takes us on a tour of her closet.

This was around the same time that she was designing for Opening Ceremony, which is one of the most successful fashion collaborations to date.

I am hoping Chloë’s help will jettison this brand to the a more public forum. As of now it is relatively unknown and difficult to procure. Let’s hope a famous face does this company good!


Here is an awesome DIY from A Pair & A Spare and Harpers Bazaar is so cute! I can see my sister Kate rocking this easy to make sequin bra with some high waisted, drapey wide leg pants and a translucent white shirt tucked in and only buttoned up half way.

Here is an example of how I would style it. I just bought these orange pants and I am obsessed with them. So glam!

With such fabulous clothing, one has to keep the accessories to a minimum. I paired this outfit with a simple gold cuff and relatively simple make up. With gold eyes and deep purple red nails to pick up on the glam factor, I kept the lips and blush to a subtle nude and a warm tawny color.

A Pair & a Spare: DIY sequin triangle bra | Harper’s BAZAAR.

Does anyone else feel extremely disappointed by Karl Lagerfeld’s new collection? It seems to be poorly matched, poorly draped, poorly fit, poorly styled and frankly not that interesting. I think he can do much better and I’m not sure why he didn’t..

It also seems like he is using a lot of the same ideas that were used in the past couple seasons. There is nothing new and exciting in this collection. Is Karl falling off his game? Maybe he got too used to designing for Chanel?

Why Karl, WHY?

These faceted mirror shoes disappear into the landscape around you. Designed by Andreia Chaves, who grew up in the very hectic Sao Paulo, these shoes reflect the urban stochasticity that surrounded her through a jaunty textured surface that allows your shoes to mimic your surroundings.

Andreia Chaves is a very interesting designer. She spends a lot of time using 3D modeling programs, which is something I can strongly relate to. It’s just one more example of how architecture and fashion are linked and speak very closely with one another.



Here are some of my favorite looks from the lookbook he released a couple weeks ago. The collection is very flirty, girly, nerd chic and seems to be very well constructed. I can’t wait to purchase some of these items! This might me my favorite Target collection to date! Certainly better than Missoni’s. Hopefully it won’t suffer the same terrible debacle that fated that collection.

The collection will only be available for a short time: February 5th to March 6th.